Infrared Sensor Flying Saucer UFO / LED


Infrared Sensor Flying Saucer UFO / LED

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Light weight ,Easy to fly with simple operation, especially designed for beginner

Keep away from faces and eyes.

Do not launch at people or animals.

Altitude Sensor to hover automatically.

USB charging cable for fast and convenient charging.

With Led light.

Saucer size : 9 x 9 x 6cm.

Power :built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery (200MAH).

Charging time:40 Minutes.

Use of time: 4~6 minutes.

Material: plastic, foam, and electronic components.


Automatically rise, fall, hand induction, infrared sensors, with ELD flash


1.The toys do not play in a small room, in particular, be careful not playing in the room have
ceiling fans, in order to avoid dangerous;
2. wild play, and Note Do not windy place, otherwise they will be blown away;
3. Requires that children over the age of 10 can play;
4. propeller rotating at high speed, the hands can not touch the propeller position, in order
to avoid dangerous!
5. Since the material is mostly foam, please pay attention to the maintenance of the
product to avoid the throw touch.
6. open the switch on the UFO, ( to the ' ON ' position ) a few seconds after the fan will begin to rotate.
7. After use and charging, turn off the switch, adjusted to 'CHG' position.

Package Included:

1 x Infrared Sensor Flying Saucer UFO / LED
1 x USB changer