THOR Fidget Hand Spinner 608 Central Bearing Rainbow Colorful


THOR Fidget Hand Spinner 608 Central Bearing Rainbow Colorful

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Over 2-Minute Spinning -- Every spinning is guaranteed to stay over 2 minutes. The central bearing is made of 608 stainless steel, no need to grease it. Spinning time will increase as often as you play it.
Solid Zinc Alloy Shell -- Solid metal case offers more fantastic pleasure on visual and sense of touch, painting will never fade or peel off. Its fancy shape and colorful painting offer more nice looking spinning than normal spinners.
Killer of Stress -- Great for releasing anxiety, relaxing, staying awake, ADHD and Autism. Helps you calm down while stressful, kill you time while you are boring.
Smooth & Noise Free -- Superior bearing offers smooth and silent spinning. A little bit noise is normal after long term use


Material: Zinc Alloy
Diameter: 2.3inches (5.7CM)
Thickness: 0.9inches (2.2CM)
Weight: Approx 80g (3.9ounce)
Spinning time: Over 2 minutes
Central bearing: 608 stainless steel bearing


1. Avoid water. Please keep it dry. Otherwise the water drop will reduce the spinning speed.
2. It is normal that the spinner make a noice when spinning. Suggest to spin it horizontally or vertically. In this way, the spinner makes the lowest noise and spins most smoothly. Avoid tilt when spin it on fingers because when your finger is unstable, it may cause a slight shaking.
3. The center bearing is removable. The other three weight bearings are also removable. Please twist the central tight when it gets loose.
4. Can be used as an anxiety/stress reliever, a time waster in a boring time.

Package Included:

1x Hand Spinner

THOR Fidget Hand Spinner R188 Central Bearing Rainbow Colorful